Back to the Drawing Board

A Victory for History

How different things seem today.  Just a few weeks ago, many residents around Wallach Place were resigned – if a bit dejected – to the prospect of a new, large-scale apartment building of mostly studios plopped down at the end of their block at Wallach & T.  After all, the ANC already unanimously approved the design, the neighborhood association was poised to do likewise, and the Historic Preservation Review Board was a fait accompli.

Not so fast.

As we already mentioned, residents successfully tabled the support for the variances at the USNA…and today, the HPRB weighed in.

“The building is boxy and very ordinary,” they said; better suited on K Street than 14th.  They didn’t like the two top floors, they didn’t like the setbacks, and they wanted to see something more creative.

Then, in a unanimous vote, they rejected the design, asking the architect and the developer to go back to the drawing board.

Much more coming soon.



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4 responses to “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Long time resident

    It was interesting that Historic unanimously rejected the design for the same reasons the residents raised. And they were sympathetic to the argument that small, narrow, 2-3 story blocks have to be treated differently than the 40-50 foot wide, multi -street “L’Enfant streets” that can absorb buildings with more mass. It will be interesting to see what Eric Colbert comes up with in response. The Board has a lot of respect for him– but they were disappointed in this round of design.

  2. Thanks for starting this blog. As most have articulated already throughout this process, nobody would be sad to see Yums or the carpet store go for a development that fits the scope of the neighborhood. As a resident of the area, I look forward to working with Level 2 and Eric Colbert to ensure that the next proposal maintains the character of T St, Wallach Pl and other side streets throughout our neighborhood.

  3. Dan W

    Fantastic news. Can’t wait for that building to be replaced… just not by an ugly transplant from Foggy Bottom.

  4. steve

    i hope they come back with a taller building

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