14th Street Post Office: Will It Stay Or Will It Go?

It’s Slated To Close…But Maybe It Won’t
Carolee Inskeep

As discussed earlier, Level 2 Development plans to build a new apartment building on the current site of the T Street Station Post Office, and the future of the post office has been uncertain for some time. Now, on surprisingly short notice, closure of the post office may just be weeks away, something that customers are only now learning as they drop in to mail their Christmas cards.

Sign posted in the window of the 14th Street Post Office

A bright yellow sign on the front door reads: “A community meeting to discuss the discontinuance of the T Street Post Office will be held on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008.”

A postal employee noticed me reading the sign and lamented, “I have to find another job.”

When pressed for further information, he stated that services will cease on December 31st, though he thought there might limited service, like package pickup, for another 30 days after that. He then inquired, “Didn’t you get the letter?”

No, we had not received “the letter.”  He produced a copy, along with a Postal Service Customer Questionnaire (for a post office discontinuance feasibility study.)

Dated November 15th, 2011, it states:

“We have been notified by our landlord at the T Street Station Post Office, 1915 14th St NW, that they will not renew our lease when it expires February 29, 2012. Whenever there is a possibility that services at a post office may be suspended, a discontinuance study must be conducted. Our Field Real Estate department is seeking alternate quarters for the T Street Station Post Office and possibly, consolidation of the Kalorama and T Street postal facilities.”

According to a recent Washington Informer article, Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton will insist that the USPS find a new location in the neighborhood before the lease expires.

In its letter, however, the USPS indicates that if the T Street Station is closed, post office box delivery will be transferred to the Columbia Heights Station Post Office, located at 3321 Georgia Avenue NW.  Retail services would continue to be available through “a variety of channels … such as the … website, stamp consignment locations, and Stamps by Mail, Fax and Phone.”

My mailman says that he expects package pickup will also be transferred to the Columbia Heights Station – if the T Street Station closes.

So … will it stay, or will it go?

If you want to have a say, you’ll have to schlep up to Cleveland Park Library for the Community Meeting starting at 5:30 Tuesday night.

Or, you can submit a written comment, along with the questionnaire, to the staff at the T Street Station, by November 29th. Address comments and questionnaires to Donalda Moss, District Discontinuance Coordinator, Capital PFC, 900 Brentwood Road NE, Washington, DC 20066-9997. (The T Street Station has pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes.)

Ms. Moss’ phone number is 202.636.1441.



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2 responses to “14th Street Post Office: Will It Stay Or Will It Go?

  1. Long Time resident

    I sent this around . The 20 th street station below Dupont is under siege as well and it is very modern and well run and busy

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