Do Something Good

Help Your Neighbors In Need This Wednesday, Dec. 14th

One of the genuine rewards of DC city life over the past decade or so has been the resurgence of the farmer’s market. Why they faded in the first place is a bit confusing, but they appear to be flourishing again, to everyone’s benefit. Local farmers expand their sales, patrons get honestly fresh food and urban dwellers can reconnect (somewhat) with seasonable harvests. Spoiled as we are to anything we want any season of the year, there’s something to be said for re-learning the particular treasures of each growing season.

There’s another brilliant bit, too: in places where healthy food options have been limited, the markets make healthy options available to everyone; notably those on food stamp assistance. And that’s where this Wednesday comes in.

For one day – this Wednesday, Dec. 14th – the Whole Foods store on P Street, and its companion in Georgetown, will donate 5% of all sales to four local farmer’s markets with the goal of doubling the purchase power of people on food stamps or WIC coupons. That’s 5% of everything – produce, household goods, cosmetics, whatever. The aim is to raise $20,000 dollars that will then be used at the four markets to double the purchasing of those on assistance, making twice the fruits and vegetables available to those most in need.

The markets – 14th & U. Bloomingdale, NoMa and Mt. Pleasant – hope with this bonus that seniors, children and families of all sorts will get more healthy food, and less of the pre-packaged processed glop so commonly available at small local stores.

Says Robin Shuster of Markets & More, it’s the perfect chance to stock up on all your holiday and winter needs, and do some good at the same time. Need olive oil? Baking supplies? Cleaners? Restock your wine or lay in beer? Everything’s fair game, and five cents of every dollar you spend on stuff you need anyway will go a long way to helping make our community a little healthier all around.

Much more information can be found here, including in-store specials and scheduled cooking demonstrations at the two stores.



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2 responses to “Do Something Good

  1. Robin

    And that one day is this WEDNESDAY the 14th. anytime, anything you buy counts –all day long from 8 am to 10:30 pm. And please spread the word. We need a lot of shoppers to raise 20K! Thank you, Robin

  2. Robin

    Thank you! We raised $13K thanks to you and everyone else.


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