“We Will Find Another Space”

14th Street & The USPS

Carolee Inskeep | Washington DC


This evening, the Post Office held its second meeting to discuss discontinuance of the Kalorama and T Street Post Offices. As I was unable to go, I sent my correspondent, Steve Inskeep, who has some experience with reporting. {Ed note: and then some] His dispatch follows:

Councilman Jim Graham co-hosted the meeting with Gerald Roane, the DC Postmaster General, and Graham began by suggesting they had some news that would likely keep the meeting short.
Since a previous meeting two weeks ago, he said, the parties had been “working hard” to resolve concerns about the Kalorama and T Street post offices. Roane and Graham elaborated on the results of this work to the crowd of about fifty people sitting on folding chairs in the Rita B. Bright Family and Youth Center. After receiving 2,500 to 3,000 comments, the postal service has decided to remove the Kalorama station from the “study list,” meaning it will no longer be studied for possible closure. This announcement brought much applause.
As for the T Street station, Roane said the Post Office has lost its lease, and it will move out at the end of February 2012, not December 31 as previously stated. However, Roane said, the postal service is “aggressively” seeking an alternative space in the neighborhood.
Roane said without qualification, “We will find another space.” He did not express a hope or an aspiration, but said flatly that it will be done, although he said the postal service is not at liberty to name the possible sites under discussion.
Graham did feel at liberty to discuss these sites. He said discussions had begun with the DC government regarding vacant space at The Reeves Center. He also alluded to other potential sites in the immediate neighborhood. Graham expressed optimism that a new site would be settled upon in the “eight to ten weeks” remaining before the old station closes.
In the question period, people asked for guarantees that Post Office box service will not be interrupted, and they received such a guarantee. The postmaster said that if a permanent location is not found in time, the postal service will engage a temporary space nearby. “Your address will not change,” Roane said.
Graham brought the meeting to a close in a little more than half an hour. There was no other news, although Postmaster Roane urged people to use the mail and joked that “We like to see lines at the post office.”

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