We Can Do Better

A Resolution Or Two Worth Keeping

“Oh, I don’t do resolutions.” I’ve heard that innumerable times these last two weeks. Maybe they’ve fallen out of style. Maybe people really never made resolutions for the new year; they just said they did because everyone else said they did. Mark me down as dim, but I do make them. Sometimes I even keep them.

Here are two I’m sharing, primarily because they relate to all of us.

1: I RESOLVE to be work harder to hear the opinions of those I may not agree with.

Generally, this is something that seems like a good idea for everyone, but I’m not responsible for everyone, only myself. There are different opinions about what neighborhood means in general, and what this one means in particular. There are different goals for where residents would like it to be 5, 10 years from now. Opinions are just that, but out best selves ask that we at least hear those of all our neighbors…respectfully submitted of course.

There’s a mile wide difference between engaging in building our civic life, and just tossing about accusations, names, or just sitting with your fingers in your ears while others are talking. I wish we could all share in this, but I can only control myself. So, I’ll listen to you even if you don’t listen to me, but only as long as you don’t take advantage of open ears.

2: I RESOLVE to help figure out a way we can work better as a community.

Particularly, we all seem to be scattered. Working early or late, can’t make this meeting or that, and generally overwhelmed by the sheer number of issues facing our community. This meeting, that meeting; this protest, that letter…email chains that clog our mailboxes and make less and less sense the further they get from the original message.

It’s the job of developers and lawyers to manage the path to opening a store; they get paid to go to these meetings to build bars and houses for others to use. The rest of us? We have to work at other things to keep our houses; this maze of meetings is as another job…another job many of us don’t have time for.

So I’m proposing a neighborhood meeting: all of us, in as big a room as we need, with as much advance notice as is appropriate, to come together and figure out how we can focus. Who can take responsibility for Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, etc. AND figure out a good way of sharing that information with everyone in a clear, accessible manner.

My resolutions for my neighborhood, and my place in it.  Yours?


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  1. Long Time resident

    Very Good idea and you should put it out on the two wp lists to create that meeting…. But some public meetings will always need a mass of folks to vote. Like the Usna meeting tonight…

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