“Hotel at 13th and U? Naah. How About Rentals?”

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Drudge would be envious of this gif.

So here it is. After years of promising and teasing local U Street residents with a luxe hotel at the corner of 13th and U, JBG has just announced it doesn’t so much like the hotel idea after all, and instead will be pursuing apartments. Not even condos – apartments.

This after being told just two weeks back at the USNA that they intended to push forward with a hotel.

And you doubted our distrust of JBG…silly people.

We’ll have much more very soon. Including, we expect, one Council Member’s perspective on what local community organizers should, and shouldn’t be allowed to say.



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15 responses to ““Hotel at 13th and U? Naah. How About Rentals?”

  1. Who did they tell this to, Doug? Link?

  2. Doug

    JBG told the local ANC rep for our hood. It’s from their mouth.

  3. Doug

    Meeting with JBG soon for neighbors

  4. Was at the Meeting

    Actually, Doug, in the meeting the JBG rep said that JBG was still exploring the mix of uses, height and density at the site. That they were planning to begin meeting with the neighbors to talk through the project and get the community’s thoughts. This is why they’ve recently set up a few meetings with the Wallach neighbors and the ANC.

    • Doug

      Actually, you’re wrong. They said they were exploring “development hotel” options. On the record. Check it, or the citizens at the meeting. You can pick your fights, but this one is a loser. They lied.
      And if you don’t believe me Aunger, or can somehow imagine that the 15+ Wallach residents there let that slip, why don’t you check what they’ve been telling the ANC and USNA?

  5. lucy in dc

    ugh. what a shame. a u-street hotel would be fabulous. a lot of us have visitors but no space for them!

  6. jeffrey willis

    Another blow to diversity & community building. No hotel (jeez, even Adams Morgan gets one with no Metro), no offices, little art or retail uses, few townhouses, few (no?) condos, & loads of high-end rentals & alcohol licensees in these developments. Is this the really the future we want for U Street?

    I attended the USNA meeting just 2 weeks ago & recall the hotel being confirmed by JBG.

    No waivers should be allowed to bring another high-end rental building here. Play by the rules & protect the neighborhood.

  7. Residences are probably better. The hotel had been designed for 129′ almost 12 stories & 1 higher than the Ellington. In the meeting 2 weeks ago they said they were looking for a 60′ design. There was not enough room for a hotel in that location.

    • Scott Pomeroy



      You just repeated most of the outlandish bs that went around about the hotel last time, most of which was not true. Ellington is 8 stories, not 11, 129′ was the original penthouse height, not what it was being proposed at the end which was just over 100′ for zoning purposes. 60′ is what the site is zoned for, but with the Art’s Overlay bonus they can go to 75′, so would not be designing a 60′ foot building.

  8. dcvoterboy

    Thanks for the news update, however, can you add some clarity to what you mean by the comment “Not even condos – apartments.”

    Is this just a note on the type of residential unit these may or may not be, or is it a judgement that apartments are less desirable than condos and renters are lesser residents of our neighborhood than owners?

    • Doug

      DCVoter – definitely the first. No resident is any less than any other in our eyes.

      • dcvoterboy

        Thanks for the clarity; you may want to think about editing those words above as it certainly doesn’t read the way you’re saying that you want it to be read.

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  10. Jim @12&T

    Apts are often smaller than Condos… so this likely means an even higher occupancy density .. this is about money for JBG and not for making the neighborhood a better place.

    • Logan Res

      Jim, The city is behind the density push. Read through any development / real estate blog (dcmud.blogspot.com, greatergreaterwashington.org, washingtoncitypaper.com/housing complex, curbeddc.com) and you will see that the demand for housing in the city and especially on any metro or planned streetcar route is very high. The zoning allows for the heights they are seeking. There is not enough available housing to meet the demand. More units means better services and retail options and hopefully our high rents will eventually even out as well. A high density urban core is what everyone who moves in wants, not empty lots and surburban style buildings. The benefits of urban design far outweigh the merits that you and a few are trying to battle.

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