Welcome to the Neighborhood, Mr. President

UPDATE: POTUS Leaves, Takes Sandwich

Just a quick note, with much more to come on far more serious issues.

Look what Craig espied on his way into work!

But you know your neighborhood is hot when the Obama’s come for a quick meal. This morning Mr. Obama will be dining at Taylor Gourmet, on 14th Street NW, just 1/2 a block from our house here. The sky is filled with helicopters, there’s a big tent on 14, and security is redonk.

It’s often said after either Mrs. Obama or the President visit a local eatery, business booms. We hope it’s so for Taylor, and all the worthy surrounding places, too.

It may not put Taylor’s on the national map as happened at Ben’s (with tourists winding around the block every weekend for half smokes) but it sure will generate a little buzz.

Now I’m off to go see what all the hubbub is about.

UPDATE: So the President met with several local business owners – those of Taylor Gourmet and Yes (exclamation point) Markets, both of which we very much like. Nobody else was allowed in, or even near 14th, however. Taking GOTUS (the Greyhound of the United States) for a walk down Wallach proved a challenge, both because of the helicopters buzzing low, freaking the dog out, and the Secret Service officers who wouldn’t even let us get down the street.

We totally get it – POTUS deserves big security, and that’s fine. We welcome everyone to the neighborhood. But perhaps next time, with just a little less traffic snarl.


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