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New Parking Regs, Liquor Moratorium, and JBG Public Meeting

Yeah, we haven’t been posting nearly as often as we should. Take it up with our other Internet bosses.

We will do better, and more. For now, some items of possible interest to the neighborhood:

#1: New Parking Regulations. In the near future, with the blessing of the DC City Government, Wallach Place parking is going to get much tighter – and that’s not just because of the U Street/Louis/Wallachzilla developments. Soon there will a resident-only parking initiative bubbling to the surface impacting anyone who likes to park on Wallach. In the near future, residents only will be allowed to park on the north side of the street during certain hours – those as yet to be determined. Meaning: if you love parking on WP during the day or for some evening entertainment, you’re going to lose half the street options. More on this very soon; stay tuned.

#2: Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance Launches. There’s a new residents organization in the area: the SDCA. The inaugural meeting was held last Thursday, and monthly meetings – in addition to other activities – are rolling forward. Full disclosure: Craig and I are board members of the new group, but we’re not turning this site (and what we hope for it to become) into a mouthpiece for the group. They can handle that perfectly well on their own, as you can see here. In essence, if you’re a resident in the area bounded by 12th and 14th Street, U to S, you’re welcome to join. Owner, renter; development booster or smart-growth advocate – it doesn’t matter, you’re invited. The mission of the group is to give residents an equal voice with local business and other interests as the neighborhood evolves. Meaning if you want more of something or less of something else, you can give it a voice here. ANC commissioner Ramon Estrada has a good summary of the first meeting; look for this group to become more active in various issues in the coming months.

#3: Liquor Moratorium. There are growing rumbles about community support – or opposition – for a liquor moratorium for the U/14th Street area. It’s complicated (as with anything about liquor in DC) and there are lots of opinions all over the map. SDCA and other neighborhood groups are exploring this as a way to slow the explosion of bars & nightclubs in the overly (by city regulations) concentrated area. There are also lots of false rumors about this – no it won’t stop grocery stores like Smucker Farms or the much-teased Trader Joes from selling beer and wine. And no it isn’t a permanent, or even blanket prohibition on any new licenses. And more. We’ll be writing on this issue soon as well.

#4: New JBG Meeting on 13th and U. JBG has requested a chance to publicly present long-awaited specifics about their proposed development at 13th and U to the neighborhood, and solicit comment. Craig and I have again agreed to open our house to the JBG team for such a meeting. It will be Wednesday, June 20 at 7pm at 1315 Wallach Place. All interested are welcome to attend; however as this is only our tiny house, we may not be able to accommodate everyone…ugh, we’ll figure that out. In the meantime, mark your calendars. The JBG team has only had general comments about the development so far, and this meeting will be the first chance to hear specifics presented, especially – in JBG’s words – for “those most affected” by the proposed building.

It’s too beautiful outside to be sitting at a computer, so we’re taking the greyhound for a neighborhood walk, and I’m going to spruce up the gardens. Hope your weekends are similarly enjoyable.



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2 responses to “News And Notes

  1. Chuck

    I’m curious as to why this new citizens group is beginning to press for a liquor license moratorium that would extend to 8th St, yet those of us who live east of 12th St are not permitted to have a voice in this group. It seems to be an exclusionary policy, and reflective of the anti-representative nature of how we are treated by Congress. I for one would expect residents of DC to be appreciative of that fact, and permit those who would be directly affected by this moratorium to have some say.

    • Doug

      Chuck – that’s what the Westminster Neighborhood Association, and Logan Circle Association, and Ninth Street Associations are for. There’s not a single resident who can’t join at least one neighborhood association and voice their opinion. The SDCA isn’t pushing anything down anyone’s throat – in fact the Westminster Association and other 8th/9th street neighborhood groups are discussing support or opposition of the moratorium right now. You have a voice – you just have to exercise it. albest.

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