Open House(s)

Mid-City Artists Open Studios This Weekend

One of the more valued aspects (at least for me) about living in an area officially designated as an “Arts Overlay” is the high concentration of creative types – and room for them to do their thing.

Work by Mid City artist Peter Romero.

Of course, the Arts Overlay has now morphed into something decidedly different. There are less spaces for artists to do their thing here, and what does exist is significantly pricier. (Several of our favorite studios have been pushed out of neighborhood, adding their talents to other less high-pressure development areas.)

Still, we’re lucky that many artists remain committed to working here as long as they can. And we’re all lucky that this weekend is one of two biannual weekends they fling open their studio doors to let everyone come and see what they do. And, you know, maybe even pick up a new treasure or two.

DC Mid City artist Brian Petro, hard at work.

This weekend is sponsored by Mid City Artists, a great group that connects those who create with those who wish to acquire. It’s a really great opportunity to meet over two dozen artists in the places they work, and explore their range of work.

It’s a beautiful weekend. Come on out and see some beautiful work. Click on this link for the map of where you can meet with your next favorite artist.


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