We are a group of people who live on and near the U Street corridor in northwest Washington DC.  Some of us are new transplants, some long-time residents.  All are interested in helping create a more vibrant neighborhood that best serves the needs of our community both in terms of commerce and aesthetics.  This collaborative site hopes to provide a forum so all voices can be heard.

We invite you to join us; to add your perspective and talents to our changing neighborhood.  Please comments and questions here: UStreetDirt@gmail.com



6 responses to “About

  1. Ash

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing. As a long time resident of this city it’s refreshing to hear new and old residents working together to ask for developments that respect what this city is and not turn it into some place it shouldn’t be. Thanks!

  2. Kevin

    Do you have a RSS feed? Can’t seem to find it. I’m much more likely to read your blog if I can stick it in my RSS reader. Thanks.

    • Doug

      Hi Kevin; we don’t – yet. We’re obviously getting a slow start, but hope to pick up the pace. This is a very good idea – thanks.

    • Nicole

      I second that. I’m much much more likely to read your blog if it has a feed. They’re pretty easy to set up (see sites like feedburner). Thanks!

  3. I have a Facebook page called U Street Buzz. It’s basically a curated compilation of relevant blog posts, new articles and other tidbits I find about the U Street area. Echoing the call for an RSS feed, if you had one I would know right away when you post and I’d be happy to share your stuff.

    Check out the page if you’re so inclined: http://facebook.com/UStreetNW

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